The APN AREIT Fund (ARSN: 134 361 229) is a property securities fund predominantly investing in Australian listed property securities.

Total return since inception-original investment of


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Investment objectives

  • Provide a high level of distributable income by achieving a gross annual income yield (before management fees and expenses) that is equivalent to at least 110% of the average yield of the S&P/ASX 200 AREIT Dividend Yield;
  • Have a tax advantaged income component of distributed income;
  • Provide a level of capital growth which at least matches increases in CPI over a 5-7 year time horizon; and
  • Provide lower than market volatility.


  • Access to a diversified portfolio of quality listed property securities which offer relatively higher yields.
  • Unlike many property securities funds which invest significantly on the basis of index weighting, APN determines the relative value of each property security.
  • Disciplined investment strategy designed to reduce both market and specific risk.
  • Monthly distributions.
  • Nil entry and exit fees.
  • Tax advantaged income component.

This fund is suited to

  • Investors seeking consistent and high levels of income.
  • Investors seeking tax effective income.
  • SMSFs – investors managing their own retirement.
  • Investors wanting access to a diversified portfolio of quality AREITs.
  • Significant Investor Visa applicants – the APN AREIT Fund is a complying fund

Standard Risk Measure

APN has adopted the Standard Risk Measure developed by the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) and the Financial Services Council (FSC) set out in the paper ‘Standard Risk Measure: Guidance Paper For Trustees.’ The Standard Risk Measure is based on industry guidance to allow unitholders to compare investments that are expected to deliver a similar number of negative annual returns over any 20 year period. The Standard Risk Measure is not a complete assessment of all forms of investment risk. Investors should still ensure they are comfortable with the risks and potential losses associated with their chosen investments.

How to invest

Allotment or issue of securities in the APN AREIT Fund will be made only on receipt of an application form attached to a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which has been lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

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