APN has developed its statement of purpose as we believe it is helpful for our customers, shareholders, team members and other stakeholders to have a clear statement of the reason our company exists.

APN’s values are fundamentally important in achieving our purpose. Our values exist in every one of our people – they are not abstract concepts in our business. Our values guide our decision-making and set out what we stand for as an organisation. They are not negotiable.

Most importantly at APN, our actions, not our words, define us. Nowhere is this more important for us than in this statement of what we stand for.

Our purpose

To create long term shareholder value by positively impacting people’s lives through investing in real estate.

Our values


Honesty and integrity and putting our customers first is fundamentally important to us.


We deal with everyone we work with respectfully. We value true diversity – distinct from boxes and labels we appreciate the value of different experiences and perspectives.


We have the courage to call things out, to stand against the crowd and to take considered risks.


We appreciate humility in everything we do. We have our feet on the ground and we value actions over words.


We value hard work and focus on delivering great results with simplicity and common sense. We communicate regularly and transparently. We take ownership and we are accountable.