APN Online can help you manage your investments more easily

The simplest way to track your investment is with APN Online where you can securely and conveniently access and manage your APN investments at anytime. With APN Online you can:

  • Access your account details
  • View your investment value across all investor accounts
  • View your transaction history
  • View your statements
  • Generate your own transaction statements

How to apply for access

To apply for access, simply complete an application form from the link below. Your Online Access ID will be emailed and your password will be mailed.
Benefits of using APN Online

  • Easy to use – relevant information is at your fingertips
  • Online statements – easy access to your account details and statements at any time
  • Secure – APN employs a range of security measures to help protect your personal account information
  • Convenience – access your investment details at any time of the day or week

For assistance with APN Online access, please contact APN Investor Services on 1800 996 456 or by email at investorservices@dexus.com