Dec 2020  A Christmas note from APN CEO, Tim Slattery
Dec 2020  Preferential treatment: High income opportunities in global REIT preferred securities
Dec 2020  Higher growth and enhanced income: What North America offers Australian income investors
Dec 2020  COVID changed the APN AREIT Fund’s portfolio: here’s how
Nov 2020  Asia reveals its muscle to Australian income investors
Nov 2020  Property: On the nose or smelling like a bargain?
Nov 2020  China’s recovery is great for Asia and APN’s Asian REIT Fund
Sep 2020  Why we’re launching the APN Global REIT Income Fund
Sep 2020  Seven big lessons from reporting season
Sep 2020  AREIT reporting season wrap Q&A
Jul 2020  The APN Asian REIT Fund comes of age
Jul 2020  The delight and disaster of online shopping
Jun 2020  Uncertainty facing Hong Kong spells both risks and opportunities for investors
Jun 2020  Has COVID-19 changed the commercial office investment case forever?
May 2020 APN AREIT Fund: Eight big questions
May 2020  APN Asian REIT Fund: Five big questions
Apr 2020  What’s next for retail REITs?
Apr 2020  After the virus; how commercial property might change
Mar 2020  How COVID-19 will change commercial property
Mar 2020 APN Asian REIT Fund Investor update – 23 March 2020
Mar 2020 Investor update – 18 March, 2020
Mar 2020  Commercial property about to go viral?
Mar 2020  2020 Global Macro Outlook – Part 2
Feb 2020  More good times ahead for unlisted property
Feb 2020  2020 AREIT Outlook
Feb 2020  Retail Q&A: an APN perspective
Feb 2020  Lessons from 2019 and outlook for the year ahead


Dec 2019  A message from Tim Slattery, APN Property Group CEO
Nov 2019  Japan, rugby and a city apart
Oct 2019  WeWork – the most likely fallout from a disruptor interrupted
Sep 2019  How can shopping centres be dead when I can’t find a park?
Sep 2019  What’s happening in Hong Kong?
Sep 2019  AREIT reporting season: looking under the hood
Sep 2019  Niche? That’s not a niche
Aug 2019  
The high price of safety
Aug 2019  Income that will let you sleep at night
Aug 2019  How to get your next office move right
Jul 2019  Visible performance and hidden risks
Jul 2019  The Asian engine room will fire for years to come
Jun 2019  Look no further for reliable income
Jun 2019 What ‘Property for Income’ really means to the founder of APN Property Group
Jun 2019 How green buildings can cut emissions and increase returns
May 2019  Trump tariff alarm, North Korean missiles (and other things you can ignore)
May 2019  Finding security in a time of volatility – Part II
Apr 2019  APN Asian REIT Fund: What could possibly go wrong?
Apr 2019  The Goodman Effect
Apr 2019  What the budget means for commercial property investors
Mar 2019  Evolving appetites for Asia
Mar 2019  AREIT reporting season on a plate
Mar 2019  Stockland – More than a residential property play
Mar 2019  Risks and rewards of direct property funds
Feb 2019  Finding security in a time of volatility
Jan 2019  A 2019 prediction; stocks will fluctuate, rents will be stable
Jan 2019  New year, new opportunity, Newcastle?
Jan 2019  APN’s AREIT Fund celebrates 10-year anniversary


Dec 2018  A Christmas note from APN CEO, Tim Slattery
Dec 2018  This Christmas, relax and bank on the yield
Nov 2018  The prizefight is over. And the winner is…
Nov 2018  The changing face of industrial property
Oct 2018  Owning the landlord instead of the tenant
Oct 2018  Asia’s tech giants invest billions in dying retail
Oct 2018  Why WeWork works
Sep 2018  This was a fantastically dull reporting season
Sep 2018  Dullness is a virtue
Sep 2018  Do falling house prices affect AREIT investors?
Aug 2018  A bit boring, a bit ugly but very effective
Aug 2018  Imagine Chadstone or Westfield Sydney with triple the crowds
Aug 2018  A message from our Chairman
Aug 2018  Sun finally rising in Japan
Aug 2018  An interview with Howard Brenchley, founding director of APN Funds Management
Aug 2018  Retail property Armageddon: Fear versus reality
Jul 2018  Global trade war: the background, the theory, winners and losers
Jul 2018  Can’t Trump this: How commercial property fares in a China/US trade war
Jul 2018  Why sheds and beds are hot property
Jun 2018  AREITs – The World Game
Jun 2018  APN’s Asian REIT Fund upgraded to 4 stars
Jun 2018  Why APN Property Group will vote against the IOF sale and you should too
Jun 2018  How a shrinking Myer is good news for AREIT investors
May 2018  The top 6 questions financial advisers are asking us right now
May 2018  Conventional wisdom is wrong. Rate rises are good for property trusts
May 2018  Size matters – Sydney’s office market shrinks while Melbourne booms
Apr 2018  Are you getting a fair price for your Westfield shares
Apr 2018  Westfield shareholders have little to fear and much to gain
Apr 2018  Why electric vehicles won’t kill your local servo
Apr 2018  Westfield/Unibail merger: What happens next
Apr 2018  The one place where retail sales growth is booming
Apr 2018  Asian REIT Fund flying high
Apr 2018  Asian REIT Fund: Performance up, fees down
Mar 2018  Three themes and 10 takeaways from AREIT reporting season
Mar 2018  This is what the new face of retailing looks like
Mar 2018  Stocks are up, AREITs not so much. Why?
Mar 2018  Bigger boxes, higher yields
Feb 2018  How sweet home bias can turn sour
Feb 2018  Four reasons why Unibail may be a better investment than Westfield
Jan 2018  When a duck is not a duck
Jan 2018  Three books for a more enjoyable, prosperous 2018


Dec 2017  Lessons from the crash: property trusts 10 years on
Dec 2017  Why the new ethical investing is blossoming
Dec 2017  What the Westfield sale means for property trust investors
Nov 2017  Keppel DC REIT: When the data adds up the income flows
Nov 2017  Data centres: Property trusts’next big thing
Oct 2017  Shopping smart: Index investors push Scentre into bargain bin
Oct 2017  Forecast and reality: How property trusts perform
Oct 2017  What’s behind the rise in house prices (and what to do about it)
Sep 2017  Reporting season wrap: Challenging environment, impressive results
Sep 2017  Are you breaking investing’s golden rule?
Aug 2017  Trump making China great again
Aug 2017  The top 5 questions financial advisers are asking right now
Aug 2017  The curious disconnect between listed property and bricks and mortar
July 2017  Ten things you may not know about listed commercial property but probably should
July 2017  Property trust outlook and the rewards of patience
July 2017  Wealth Generation and Generation Healthcare
June 2017  How your brain flushes cash down the drain
June 2017  I shop therefore I am: Why Asia is different
June 2017  Bubble, bubble, housing trouble?
May 2017  Property trusts: What could go wrong? (Part 5 – Future of workspaces)
May 2017  Why APN launched an Asian REIT Fund
May 2017  Property trusts: What could go wrong (Part 4 – Rising rates)
May 2017  What does the 2017-18 Australian Federal Budget mean for the AREIT sector?
May 2017  Property trusts: What could go wrong (Part 3 – The Amazon threat?)
May 2017  Property trusts: What could go wrong (Part 2 – Retail meltdown?)
Apri 2017  Why an active approach to AREIT investing can decrease risk and enhance returns
Apr 2017   Property trusts: What could go wrong (Part 1 – Overview)
Mar 2017  The hidden benefits of tax deferred income
Mar 2017  Two words from this reporting season: rest easy
Mar 2017  Singapore REITS: latest quarter reporting season update
Feb 2017 How a 10-minute speech in the US affected Australian property
Feb 2017  What to watch this reporting season
Feb 2017  What can Ricky Gervais teach us about the modern office?
Jan 2017  How our brains lose us money

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